Tajami guest house

Cottage from the agency Ghardaîa Tourisme.

Located at 2 km from Beni-Izguen, the symbolic city of Ghardaia, our guest house is nestled in a valley surrounded by greenery. Designed on the respect of the Mozabit spirit tradition, by local artisans in traditional materials (traditional bricks, wood, traditional ceramic and quicklime), it testifies to the ingenuity of the Mozabit man to extract the best from more hostile environments. Our residence offers a capacity of 56 persons who can be divided into:

  • 6 suites including 2 communicating rooms with shower and sanitary facilities, and with terraces.
  • 6 triple rooms with private shower for each one.
  • 7 double rooms with private for each one.

All our rooms have all the amenities (hot water, heating, air conditioning, TV).

The residence also has a large living room with typically Mozabit interior decoration and furnishings.

This space can accommodate more than sixty people for lively evenings, friendly discussions etc …

But the jewel of our guesthouse is without a doubt its garden. A lush greenery with a swimming pool.

Date palms put at your arm’s length their tempting dates. The rose rubs with lemon and jasmine, bougainvillea and honeysuckle, which exhale scents that merge into a bewitching bouquet, and transport you to a dreamlike world.

And if you are a 2.0 visitor, there is of course a WIFI connection in the living room and in the garden.