Who are we

Ghardaia Tourism « established initially under the name » Big sun destianation  » by Hadj Hamou Zergoun, an utopian Mozabit from Beni Isguen, already operates in the Sahara tourism sector for ten years. It may be viewed as a leader in tourism in the M’zab because its reputation is strongly established in Europe
Tourism agency Ghardaia ex. Bigsun destination has already received tourists from all backgrounds and every country.

It offers a thorough discovery of the M’zab Valley, its traditionnel system of watershed and its wonderful architecture which still fascinates today by its refined and functional aesthetics,its customs rooted centuries ago and which allowed the preservation of the picturesque and specific aspect of the region.

Thanks to its success, « Ghardaia tourism has developed its concept beyond the valley M’zab and offers today a wide variety of trips in both northern and southern Algeria.
Ghardaia Tourism is guided by its philosophy of happiness in the travel. Happiness, they say, is access to everything we wish. is not travel exactly this? to see and to discover all what you dreamed about, among the wonders of the world.

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In this context, we have selected for you trips carefully choosed we have and developed our own home-stay so you can really soak up the soul and the reality of the regions you visit through contact and knowledge of its people.
With us, you will go to the heart of local life, you will enjoy the simplicity of the welcoming south people, you will share on the top of a dune or in the shade of a palm oasis, fresh dishes with subtle flavors, you will listen to traditionnel musicians who will join you as if you were one of them since forever, and you will make yourself free of everything that is not the escape.
When you will have read many books, seen many movies, and met many travelers, the day will come, you will choose to visit us here in the heart of Algeria. And Algeria will be for you everything that you have read, seen and heard, but it will be mostly everything that you were not expecting.

Because Algeria will be much more beautiful than anything you’ve read, seen or heard. Beautiful with its bewitching landscapes, but beautiful also with the simplicity and the legendary hospitality of its reisidents. We know, Algeria, and we promise to make you knowing it better than anyone! You are two, three, a group of friends or family … we can organize for you a trip in a 4×4, a hike in the desert, a trek, a camel ride, or a journey across the Algerian coast and highlands.


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